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The Challenges of Compliance

Under stacks of paper, in a sea of fraud...

How can we

Protect the reputation of our organization?

How can we

Build trust back into our relationships?

How can we

Grow our team with confidence?

How can we

Ease the burden of chaotic, complex, and vulnerable compliance documentation?

The Cerebrum Ecosystem

A modular system for verifying and managing any credentials.

Verified Identities

It starts with people.

Build a community of trust around your people by having confidence in every credential that matters to your organization—starting with identity.

Multi-layered identity verification.

Cerebrum issues verified identity credentials (vIDs) only when the following metrics are met:

  • Personal identifying information is provided by a legal ID
  • Biometric match with liveness detection is made with a selfie
  • Social Security Number is valid (optional)
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The vID Credential Wallet

A portfolio of verifiable credentials that are always up-to-date.

A person's vID wallet contains all of their verified credentials. Credentials are monitored for validity and automatically revoked if necessary.

Badging and Certification

Verifiable credentials are the building blocks for digital badges and certifications.

What qualifications are required to access your building or participate in an event or activity? Define a credential stack, issue a certification, and verify its validity at any touchpoint.

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Cerebrum verified credentialVerified background checkVerified doctorateVerified university degreeVerified identity check

We call it Composable Compliance.

Revolutionize how you manage your personnel.

  • Interoperable credentials save time and money for you and your workforce
  • Dramatically streamline your due diligence protocols
  • Onboard new personnel faster and with radical accuracy
  • Configure your requirements as needed to adapt to the perpetual motion of the compliance landscape.

Youth Protection

vID gives parents peace of mind by verifying the credentials of coaches, educators, and child care providers each time they entrust them with their children's safety.


We’ve brought verifiable credentials and vID to health and wellness systems across the country to improve patient access to reliable care and reduce organizational risk.


Building, fleet, and inventory access management made easy with credential-contingent badging, compliance reporting, and a data-rich dashboard of your workforce.