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Youth Hockey & Concussions

Youth Hockey & Concussions

In our previous blog post we used the recent news exposure of Brenden Morrow’s treatment at Cerebrum as a platform to discuss some alarming statistics about concussions in the NHL. But what about concussions among high school hockey players or high school athletes of other sports? How does the risk compare and what does that mean for you as a player or your kids (as a parent)?


Here are a few statistics from the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma that may (or may not…) surprise you!

  • Almost Half a Million annual emergency visits for TBIs are for kids age 0-14 years old
  • 90% of all sports-related concussions, the individual does NOT lose consciousness
  • 62% of all sport-related injuries do not happen during a game, they happen during practice


Fortunately, there is hope to rehabilitate damage young individuals may sustain during head injuries. One quite inspiring example of this is Colleen Fagan. As a competitive hockey player for most of her life, Colleen began to experience debilitating post concussion symptoms after her fourth diagnosed concussion, during her freshman year of college. Her symptoms compounded, leaving her confined to a dark room for all but four hours a day, forcing her to drop out of school and move back home. Her symptoms included headaches, memory issues, balance problems, and dizziness. She went to over 24 different doctors seeking help before she finally came to Cerebrum for treatment. Her inspirational recovery was recently covered in conjunction with Brenden Morrow’s story on the prevalence of concussion in hockey and you can watch or read the full story by CW 33 here. You can also follow Colleen’s personal story and progress on her blog at and keep a look out for her upcoming novel, “More Than A Headache” coming soon!

Have your own inspirational recovery story you wish to share? We want to hear it! Feel free to tell your own story in the comments below. Or if you are seeking recovery for yourself or someone you know, fill out the form at the bottom of the page or give us a call at (855) 444-2724. We are here to help!