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Cerebrum is a nationally recognized brain rehabilitation center. A wholistic brain-body approach, plus cutting edge non-invasive neuro rehab technology, equals treating the root problem.
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Cerebrum is a nationally recognized brain rehabilitation center. A wholistic brain-body approach + cutting edge non-invasive neuro rehab technology = treating the root problem.

The Cerebrum Process

Step 1 – Diagnostics

The diagnostic process includes 2-4 hours one-on-one with the team for diagnostics, blood work and functional physical and neurological examination. The diagnostic testing allows the doctors to identify what parts of the brain have functional deficits. They then design a customized treatment plan to work on improved functionality in a highly targeted way.



The ImPACT Test assesses memory, impulsivity, cognitive competency and overall symptoms.


Videonystagmography testing tracks eye movements to accurately asses function and help the clinicians detect issues in the central nervous system, proper vestibular function, and other neurological problems.


Computerized Dynamic Posturography evaluates the systems that affect posture and balance - the sensory, visual and vestibular systems. It helps the team further pinpoint functional or cognitive brain impairments.

Functional Neurology Exam

The latest research-backed examinations allow the clinicians to determine the degree of deterioration in physical and neurological performance and address these issues as part of a patients' comprehensive customized treatment plan.

Blood/Lab Work Up

Detailed laboratory work identifies any metabolic, physiological and/or biochemical imbalances that may be causing symptoms or hindering the patient's ability to recover.

Step 2 – Customized, Immersive Treatment

The team works with you one-on-one each day to complete your customized neuro exercises and schedules rest periods in between each treatment session. Diagnostic testing occurs throughout the process to confirm measurable improvement and the customized treatment is tweaked if necessary for maximum results.

Customized, Immersive Treatment


As a treatment, customized Computerized Dynamic Posturography exercises challenge and rehabilitate posture and balance deficits identified during diagnostics.


The Off Vertical Axis Rotational Device targets the vestibular system, which affects balance, spatial orientation, and movement.


Repetitive Peripheral Somatosensory Stimulation uses low-dose electrical stimulation to activate the nervous system by stimulating the senses that cause corresponding changes in the brain. This is especially effective for patients who have experienced a stroke.


The Sanet Vision Integrator allows the clinician to target memory, coordination, ocular and balance function based on the individual treatment plan.

Ocular Rehabilitation

Gaze stability and other functional movement exercises allow the clinical team to help patients with gaze related issues by activating neural pathways to create change. Patients often report improvement in brain fog, memory, retention of information and their ability to be in a busy environment.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

If physical/other limitations prohibit an intensive approach like OVARD, alternative methods are employed to similarly achieve the gains and benefits of vestibular rehabilitation.

Gait Rehabilitation

Gait rehabilitation is utilized in cases where patients struggle with movement or balance primarily. It can also be utilized to rehabilitate the cross-crawl mechanisms of the brain and spinal cord.

Neurological & Physical Rehabilitation

Combined rehabilitative efforts help patients reach their goals and integrate with the other aspects of the treatment plan.

Vibration Therapy

Vibration therapy targets some of the strongest sensors and can be utilized to provide sensory rehabilitation and create activation of specific pathways in patients with a variety of conditions.

Memory Therapy

Whether memory has been a challenge all of a patient's life or stems from an injury or from a degenerative condition like dementia or Alzheimer's, our team creates treatment plans that incorporate memory activity throughout the therapy sessions.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy has been shown to create a response at a cellular level and can be used to rehabilitate specific areas or in conjunction with other therapies as part of a larger treatment plan.

Step 3 – Post Treatment Care

An at-home custom treatment plan is provided to ensure continual improvement. This includes the doctors’ extensive understanding of what the individuals’ blood work results indicate, and how targeted nutritional and supplemental recommendations can correct any imbalances in body chemistry. Often underlying metabolic or autoimmune issues can prevent the brain from healing properly, so correcting such issues can make all the difference both neurologically and in overall quality of life.

Post Treatment Care

Customized Neuro Exercises

The clinical team custom builds home exercises for each patient to ensure that the results achieved are maintained and recovery continues.

Custom Nutrition and Supplement Recommendations (based on blood work)

The clinical team makes recommendations to ensure that each patient's diet and supplement regime support their health and their ability to recover both physically and neurologically.

Follow-up Care

Our dedicated post-care coordinator calls and emails our patients to ensure that their questions are answered and they continue their recovery after they leave our facility.

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