The Cerebrum Process

Step 1 – Diagnostics

The diagnostic process includes 2-4 hours one-on-one with the team for diagnostics, blood work and functional physical and neurological examination. The diagnostic testing allows the doctors to identify what parts of the brain have functional deficits. They then design a customized treatment plan to work on improved functionality in a highly targeted way.


Step 2 – Customized, Immersive Treatment

The team works with you one-on-one each day to complete your customized neuro exercises and schedules rest periods in between each treatment session. Diagnostic testing occurs throughout the process to confirm measurable improvement and the customized treatment is tweaked if necessary for maximum results.

Customized, Immersive Treatment

Step 3 – Post Treatment Care

An at-home custom treatment plan is provided to ensure continual improvement. This includes the doctors’ extensive understanding of what the individuals’ blood work results indicate, and how targeted nutritional and supplemental recommendations can correct any imbalances in body chemistry. Often underlying metabolic or autoimmune issues can prevent the brain from healing properly, so correcting such issues can make all the difference both neurologically and in overall quality of life.

Post Treatment Care

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