Walking/Balance Issues - Cerebrum Health Centers
A Traumatic brain injury can have symptoms lasting long past the initial injury. Cerebrum Health Centers knows the underlying neurology, and we can help.
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[81 yr old with Parkinson’s for 15 yrs]: “Coming to Cerebrum has been fabulous…I came into one of the rooms where she was having a treatment done with her feet. I was sitting beside her and a lady said, ‘would you put your shoes and socks on’ and instead of it taking her 15 minutes, it took her about 3.”

[Daughter of 81 yr old with Parkinson’s for 15 yrs]: “It’s really neat to see how she is walking better, holding her head higher, and I see her energy improving because she’s not going through so many lows and then highs. She’s steadying out, and it’s not because of her medicine, because that has not changed.”

How Cerebrum Health Centers Helps With Walking & Balance Issues

Difficulties walking or balance issues make basic aspects of daily life difficult – from doing chores around the house, to getting groceries, to participating in hobbies or activities. Even a family meal out can be an ordeal. Additionally, the risk of falling and losing autonomy or independence is high and common among individuals with walking and balance issues.

Fortunately, something can be done to improve these issues and getting treatment before an incident like a fall occurs can help prevent a host of other potential health problems later on. The staff at Cerebrum Health Centers has the tools to measure and the expertise to help. If you find yourself leaning against a wall to put on your pants or tripping more often than you used to, it may be time to let our clinicians help you.

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