VLOG 1: Head Injury & Fatigue

VLOG 1: Head Injury & Fatigue

Looking Beyond Just The Brain Injury

In this VLOG Episode, Dr. Brandon Brock discusses the link between head injury and fatigue and how a host of underlying issues such as hypothyroidism, anemia, hypoglycemia, and inflammation can play a critical role in contributing to various levels of fatigue after a head injury.

Hypothyroidism. Check for hypothyroidism because that’s always possible.

Anemia. Check for anemia because individuals with anemia don’t have adequate oxygen to recover.

Blood Sugar Issues or Hypoglycemia. Blood sugar issues can be a big problem either with diabetic conditions or even hypoglycemia because as the brain is trying to recover it’s utilizing more blood sugar which may cause drops in blood sugar. Such drops can cause the inability to focus or concentrate (mental fatigue).

Inflammation. Inflammation can be caused by a number of things like gut problems or underlying infectious diseases.



Fatigue After Head Injury

So really the word of the day is Fatigue After Head Injury. Don’t assume the fatigue is just from the injury itself. Instead always be sure to look for underlying comorbidity factors that might relate or contribute to fatigue issues. When those underlying factors are addressed, you have a much greater chance of alleviating your fatigue symptoms.

This is just one example of how Cerebrum’s approach is unique. We believe in treating the whole individual as a unique person, including diving deep into potential underlying issues that are often overlooked or dismissed. Check out Cerebrum’s basic lab work versus typical lab work.

If you are struggling with lingering symptoms after a head injury and have been told “it’s just something you have to manage or learn to live with” there IS another option. Contact Cerebrum today to see how we can help you.