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A Traumatic brain injury can have symptoms lasting long past the initial injury. Cerebrum Health Centers knows the underlying neurology, and we can help.
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[husband of a TBI/Concussion patient]: “She had a lot of eye movement…the first session that we did on this, it started to slow, and then we did 3 sessions the first day. By the end of the third session, the movement had pretty much stopped in her eye.”

[TBI/Concussion patient]: “My eyes have gotten better and that’s huge. It blew my mind. I can see better, which goes back to I’m not tripping over myself anymore.”

How Cerebrum Health Centers Helps With Vision Changes

Whether you struggle with double vision, blurred vision or difficulty reading it may be something that can be helped. For some, visual changes come quickly after an injury. For others, vision deteriorates over time and can be difficult to detect. Some individuals may only even notice their symptoms when looking in a certain direction.

Vision is one of the primary senses we use to interact with the world and it can be incredibly frustrating when you do not see things as you should. While there is the possibility of age related degeneration of your visual systems, we often attribute far more to this than may be appropriate.

Cerebrum Health Center’s diagnostic testing can help you determine if the changes you are experiencing may be able to be reversed. Our team works closely with you to help you recover and continues to measure and adjust as you improve. Don’t wait, ask if Cerebrum Health Centers can help you to see the world.

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