Neck Pain - Cerebrum Health Centers
A Traumatic brain injury can have symptoms lasting long past the initial injury. Cerebrum Health Centers knows the underlying neurology, and we can help.
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[Dystonia patient]: “I’ve definitely come a long way since my first day here. I came in with a neck brace on…and on my fifth day of treatment I’m walking around [without the brace] with my head up again.”

[Dystonia patient]: “I didn’t go to a regular neurologist because I knew my options there were very limited to medication, botox injections, which I did not want, and so I decided to come here…it was a wonderful decision.”

How Cerebrum Health Centers Helps With Neck Pain

Maybe you struggle with neck pain because you have been injured in accidents or in sports, or maybe because you work at a computer all day, or maybe you have had neck pain as long as you can remember and do not know why.

The team at Cerebrum Health Centers is prepared to help. Our diagnostic tests can help to tell us if your pain may be related to your posture, to your brain or to something else. Our examination will tell us where exactly it originates from and what to do about it. Then our treatment team will help you to resolve the pain that you have been struggling with.

Our team is here to help you recover and then to work with you and educate you to keep you healthy moving forward.

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