Motor Control - Cerebrum Health Centers
A Traumatic brain injury can have symptoms lasting long past the initial injury. Cerebrum Health Centers knows the underlying neurology, and we can help.
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[Stroke patient – male]: “The pain in my arm went from a level 8 / level 9, the point of non-usability, to a level 2 / level 3. It’s absolutely wonderful.”

[Stroke patient – female]: “I am so much more independent than I was before I came. I’ve got feeling in my left foot, in my left thigh, in my left arm, which all were paralyzed before I came. Those [improvements] happened because of the brain therapy, because it’s the brain that’s damaged.”

How Cerebrum Health Centers Helps With Motor Control

There are few things more terrifying than not having control over your own body. Whether you struggle with weakness or paralysis from a stroke, hand-eye coordination issues from a concussion or traumatic brain injury, balance issues and tremors from Parkinson’s disease or another condition that causes changes in the way you are able to move our team will work to ensure that you get results.

Our therapies are individually designed to help you regain function by helping your brain and body re-wire and form new pathways so that you can be in control. Don’t struggle through life, ask if Cerebrum Health Centers can help you.

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