Cerebrum’s Military/Veteran Programs

At Cerebrum Health Centers, we combine neurological and physical rehabilitation to uniquely improve our patient’s lives, and we have a passion to use what we know to help our military service members.

Cerebrum Can Help Veterans with TBI, Concussions, and PTSD

 “After my time in the military – shot up, stabbed, left for dead, broken bones, back surgery several times, strung out on Vicodin, all the stuff like that – when they got done with me [at Cerebrum] 2 years ago, I literally run around like I’m 27 years old. No pain. As a matter of fact, I don’t want to take any kind of drug to alter the way I feel first thing in the morning.”

-Marcus Luttrell

Retired Navy Seal; “Lone Survivor”

We are honored to be able to provide access to our Military Program at no cost to the patient, including travel and lodging, through generous donors and military support organizations like:

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