FAQ - Cerebrum Health Centers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bring my medical history papers and forms or should my doctors fax them to you?

Please have your doctor contact one of our patient advocates at 214-771-8885 to arrange for the transfer of your medical records.

What should I wear?

Your diagnostic and treatment sessions involve substantial physical activity throughout each day. Wear comfortable clothing and rubber-soled shoes.

Is there paperwork I can fill out ahead of time?

Consent forms found here: https://cerebrum.box.com/v/ConsentForms

Intake forms founds here: https://cerebrum.box.com/v/IntakeForms

How long is my treatment?

Treatment regimens vary but typically range from one to three weeks on an outpatient basis at our Dallas, TX clinic.

Is treatment covered by insurance? Is financing available?

Yes, Cerebrum currently accepts most major insurance plans.

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