“We walked in here to Cerebrum and we were immediately made to feel like part of the family.”

“Her speech and thought process has gotten better. Different memories that she had forgotten completely, some of these memories began rolling in during the middle of the night. It was very exciting, and very encouraging.”

How Cerebrum Health Centers Helps With Alzheimer’s / Dementia

Too often early signs of Alzheimer’s can be dismissed as “normal” signs of aging. Perhaps you can’t recall names as quickly as you used to or the word you are searching for is lost on the tip of your tongue. Such little things don’t become a problem until they begin to be noticed by family and friends. Stories or statements are told for the second or third time to loved ones who respond with a look of concern and confusion.

Reaction time becomes slower and the world around you just seems to be moving a little faster – just enough for you to notice the slowing down of your own cognitive abilities in comparison. You find yourself feeling a bit unsteady in body and mind, having to lean on others a little more for physical and emotional support, while the fear of losing independence completely and becoming a burden to those you love is never far from your thoughts.

Left untreated, such symptoms often continue to become more severe over time. Fortunately, targeted brain treatment and specific exercises can help strengthen those weakening problem areas and restore functionality and quality of life for many Alzheimer’s individuals. Cerebrum Health Centers has proven success increasing the mental and physical functionality of individuals experiencing effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. Call now for your free consultation.

Physical Exam combined with memory tests

An evaluation of the eyes and their ability to track and focus

Balance and posture testing

Gait analysis

Targeted brain stimulation

Equilibrium and balance improvement

Our patented Off Vertical Axis Rotational Device (OVARD)

Low dose electrical stimulation to “wake up” affected nerves

Custom visual exercises, physical therapy and speech therapy

Because mental stimulation has been shown to slow the decline in patients’ mental skills, we have demonstrated measurable improvements for people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s and other dementia diagnoses.

We use neurological and physical exams, and in-office diagnostic testing equipment to pinpoint functional or cognitive brain impairments. We continuously measure progress and refine treatment regimens based on feedback and patient progress.

Our team takes time to learn your specific story and build a unique program to help reduce symptoms, which in turn reduces stress for friends and loved ones. We can’t cure Alzheimer’s, but we can substantially slow the effects and make the most of you or your loved one’s health.

At Cerebrum Health Centers, we see things in a different light, because we understand the inherent ability for the brain and nervous system to heal. Our patients tell us over and over how we have given them renewed hope.

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