Your 2018 Brain Rehab Routine

Your 2018 Brain Rehab Routine

Your 2018 Brain Rehab Routine

A new year is a chance to start over and improve our current lifestyles. For many, that means getting healthier, happier, stronger, and/or more skilled at something. For us at Cerebrum Health Centers, we immediately think of our patients, friends, and family, who might be recovering from past injuries or who may be at risk in the upcoming 2018 sports seasons. It’s the perfect time of year for a tune-up or start-up when it comes to one’s recovery or prevention.

First Stop: Baseline Testing

Spring sports will soon be upon us, so now is the time for what’s called Baseline Testing. Baseline testing is just that: a baseline–a starting point. Conducted by a trained healthcare professional, baselines tests assess things like an athlete’s balance, learning and memory skills, attention span, problem solving, and brain functioning overall.  

If an individual has never had an assessment before, it’s even more crucial that they use this time to test their current state, prior to any potential injuries during the season. The goal is to have a comparison in the event of injury later on. Otherwise, it’s much more difficult for health professionals to pinpoint minor symptoms happening as a result of a concussion or head injury.

It is common, however, for adolescent athletes to attribute symptoms to being tired, moody, or stressed at school, all while a minor-to-severe concussion could be manifesting itself in those symptoms. To know if it’s something more serious is going on, baseline testing is vital to the process of comparison.

Recommit with Re-diagnostic Testing

For individuals who have been assessed in the past or are patients recovering from previous injuries, a new year means a fresh start via re-diagnostic testing. Sometimes, a change in the rehab plan is just what a person needs to make sure things are happening on schedule.

Recommit to Recovery

For individuals who have already had recent treatment and received their at-home customized therapy plans, now is a great time to recommit to recovery. Simply use 2018 to recommit yourself to that initial resolution. After all, this is a critical part of continuing to improve after leaving the clinic, so refocus, and don’t lose the progress you’ve already made in 2017!

Happy 2018 from Cerebrum Health Centers!

Baseline testing should come before rounding bases. Appointments are available at Cerebrum Health Centers today!


Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels